"Had trouble standing for more than one minute without a cane. Severe pain in leg. In ONE treatment, Jennifer alleviated the pain. It never returned. You may be put off by the little needles. Don't be. This is so much less invasive than other treatments I've had. Jennifer really cares. And she's an expert in her field. And if she feels she cannot fix a problem, she'll tell you so."

Myriam H., North Bend, OR


"I had severe nerve pain in my shoulder. Constant. Limited my mobility and range also. I was upset often because of the constant pain. Pain relief and tension relief. My muscles relax and the nerve pain goes away. It works. This is my second time seeking relief from nerve pain. It works very well. Jennifer Briggs is so thorough in understanding all of the facts that got you where you are. So she can treat your whole body. I did and will recommend her to everyone I know. She is amazing."

Erin Doty, Florence, OR