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Quality of life is just as important as quantity of life.

BriggsHealth improves your life with acupuncture, herbs and nutritional education, so that you can be active and healthy without medications or surgery.

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"I believe Chinese and alternative medicine are the best solutions for minor health issues. It's a more effective approach and can help avoid bigger health problems down the line."


I had my first asthma attack at age 6.

It was really scary not being able to breathe!

We went to the emergency room in the middle of the night, where I got a breathing treatment and IV medication.

The attack subsided, and I was able to breathe again. What a relief! When I went home, they gave me medications to prevent the attacks from happening again.

The downside was that the medications I was told to take made me jittery and light-headed, and sometimes it was hard for me to get to sleep.

I didn’t like the side-effects but I had to keep taking them every day, even though sometimes they didn’t really help.

I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up because I thought it was so cool that they could help people who were sick or injured feel better.

After years of trips to the ER, doctor’s offices and allergy testing, my first experience with Chinese medicine came when I was 18. A friend took me to get acupuncture treatment for a bad asthma attack instead of going to the ER.

I didn’t think it would work, and I was scared.

The acupuncturist gave me a treatment that included acupuncture and herbs, and the attack totally broke!

It was not necessary to go to the hospital or take those medicines, and compared to the asthma attack, the acupuncture wasn’t scary at all.

After this, I decided to study Chinese medicine instead of Western medicine. During my internship in China, I saw how Traditional Chinese Medicine was practiced in the same hospitals as Western medicine. 

My favorite was the treatments for pain, injuries and problems of the joints, bones and muscles. These are problems that everyone experiences in their lives. Pain can be a serious problem, interfering with people’s quality of life and sometimes crippling them both physically and mentally over time.  

For people who react to prescription drugs like I did, acupuncture has been a great choice, helping many people get rid of their pain for good. 

Now my passion is to help those who come to me escape their pain in as little as four short sessions, without using medications.

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