Inflammation Sucks

inflammation pain

Every day you feel inflamed, in your joints, your eyes.

~You hurt.~

You don't really want to do anything, but there are things that have to get done.

And, you have a massive case of brain fog that makes it impossible to think.

But you power through, even though you don't really feel like it.

Things feel so stressful, because you're tired.

You’ve been to the doctor. Tests come back negative.

Your doctor says, “Oh, it’s just aging. Normal wear and tear.”

No one can help you.

Except That's Not True

Our Bodies Were Designed To Heal

They are not designed to live forever, but they are designed to heal.

You Just Have To Get Out Of The Way And Let Your Body Do Its Job.

For 38 years I was inflamed through my whole body.

I had asthma, allergies, IBS, depression, anxiety and eczema.

Then, with the help of a friend, I found out how to get rid of the inflammation so my body could heal.

And it did!

I am healthier now than I was when I was 25.

And I feel so much better.

I can teach you how to do that for yourself.

Once you learn the system, your body will start healing, because that’s what it naturally does.

Best of all, there are no complicated supplements to take, and you can use this system for the rest of your life.


Jennifer Briggs, LAc

I love this system, because it changes people’s lives. There is power in knowledge and understanding, and this system gives that to you.

One client was having migraine headaches for days at a time.

It would always come during the spring, when her kids were all out playing on their baseball teams.

She said, “I was very grouchy, with my marriage, and with my kids, I was snappy. It didn’t feel good.

After [learning the system], the headaches weren’t quite so often. I wasn’t hurting so much so I’d have more energy to get out and do things, a little more motivation.

I just had more energy.

Another client for 10 years was secretly suicidal.

She said she was intending to kill herself after her parents passed away.

Her energy was so low she never felt like doing anything.

She was anxious all the time, didn’t sleep, and everything she ate made her stomach hurt and made her bloat up, no matter what it was.

After she learned the system, she has been “feeling like her old self.”

She is running again, traveling, and hunting with her dad.

She is loving life again!



The Nutrition Revolution System can make a big difference in your life, too.

Here’s what some other clients have said:

“I have not had palpitations at night since learning this method.”

I am so much better. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“I feel like I have the tools to continue to examine and fine tune my diet.”